The Perfect Book Club

Volume III / Issue 6 — 29 March 2022

I remember seeing a meme or a comic a few years ago that said: “The perfect book club doesn’t exis–” and as the person’s comment was interrupted, it cut to a scene of women sitting on sofas with wine in one hand and petting dogs with the other. Honestly, it also could have been cats… I don’t remember. Both would be awesome, though!

I’ve attended a few book clubs in my life (and a movie club!), and in my opinion, book clubs are a fun way to connect with others while finding new things to read. 

They also bring people together to explore differing perspectives, which can be great. What makes a perfect book club, though? Or a perfect book for a book club? I think there are three things that make every book club a “perfect” book club:

  • Engaging topics – Whether it’s an entertaining novel, an interesting memoir, or an inspirational non-fiction book, what matters most is that it’s engaging.
  • Ease of gathering – Covid has taught us that we can gather virtually with ease; however, book clubs are more about the in-person connection, so choosing a day and time that is easy for everyone to participate is key.
  • Enjoyment – Think: wine, tea, coffee, snacks, or the aforementioned puppies and cats… all of which can help to make any gathering more enjoyable.

I also think a “perfect” book club includes one more component: Direction. When a book discussion has direction, it can create deeper moments of connection and conversation. Some authors include notes in their book, while others share in different ways. Either way, book clubs are made better when the author gives you a roadmap for discussion, like Sarah Flick has just done with her workbook for Desire, Mystery, and Belonging. (Learn More)

Now that we can safely gather together again, why not start your own book club for the summer? Meeting with friends on a regular basis can be a great way to reconnect. Plus, after two years apart from one another, it might be nice to have something neutral (like a book) to focus on as we begin to spend time together again… you know, just in case we’ve forgotten how. 😉

All my best,

Friendship … is born at the moment when one man says to another What! You too? I thought that no one but myself . . .

– C.S. Lewis, The Four Loves  –

NEW Release

A Reflection Workbook by Sarah Robinson Flick MD

Sarah Flick’s recent release Desire, Mystery, and Belonging now has a companion workbook! This 59-page PDF is instantly downloadable and ready for you to print or use digitally. Each page has space for you to record your thoughts as creatively as you choose–whether that’s in writing, art, collage, or anything in between!

It makes a perfect roadmap for your own personal exploration or serves as a great guide for your weekly book club. 

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