Why did you start IOM?

We started IOM because our Founder, Martina Faulkner, thought there was a better way to publish books – one that was more fair to the authors and artists behind the work. The publishing industry has changed significantly in recent years, and continues to evolve. IOM is the answer to the unasked question: How can publishing be improved in both production and fairness? Our foundation is strong, and we hope to always grow and evolve as things continue to change.

What makes IOM different from other publishers?

IOM is different in several ways. Firstly, it’s based on a collaborative multi-platform model. This allows us to create more products on behalf of the talent behind the work, which in turn, supports the talent even more. Secondly, it’s built on fairness. Our royalty rates are higher than the rest of the publishing industry. As we grow, we can bring our talented authors and artists with us on the journey, appropriately supporting them in their work. Finally, though this may sound cheesy, it’s 100% true: it’s about heart. The heart and soul of the company is aligned with our Founder’s heart and soul, which, if you know Martina, is saying something.

How do you select your authors and/or work?

We were very lucky to be connected to talented people as we were getting started. In some instances, they came to us, and in others, we sought them out. As we continue to grow, we will always keep an eye out for talented individuals doing interesting work. Our criteria is really clear: The work must be compelling and fall into one of the categories that we have chosen to be in alignment with our values and mission.

How do we submit to IOM if we want to be published?

If you have a completed manuscript, we are working with Writers’ Review Collective for all our submissions. Unfortunately, we can’t accept unsolicited submissions.

How long does it take to get my book once I’ve ordered it?

All of our books will be listed on Amazon, using print-on-demand, so it depends on their queue. Typically, a book that is ordered will arrive within a day or two, if you are an Amazon Prime member. If you would prefer to purchase your book from a local bookseller instead, we have a wholesale option for them to make everything easier. They can contact us directly on your behalf. This option takes a little longer, but is worth it if you want to support independent bookstores.

Why do you use print-on-demand, instead of printing larger quantities at one time?

This question has come up a lot as we were building the company, and the answer is twofold: 1) I think it’s better for the environment. With print-on-demand, books are printed when they’re ordered. No trees are being chopped down to print a lot of books that will sit around in a warehouse gathering dust. Today’s technology is really something we can use to be more mindful in our business practices; and 2) As a young company, it makes sense to use our financial resources elsewhere, instead of paying for warehousing and distribution.

What do I do if my book arrives damaged?

Since we are not printing and warehousing, the issue will be with the retailer or Amazon. We suggest you return it to them and ask for a replacement.

How do I contact you to become part of your team?

We are a growing company that is always interested in connecting with talented individuals. While we are not hiring right now, check back every so often to see if this has changed.