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The Seasonal Table: Winter invites you to reconnect with how and why you eat, in harmony with the rhythms of nature. This first in a four-part series takes you on a culinary journey for the senses, inviting you to explore, taste, and remember what it means to eat seasonally.

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Jill Kempner

Jill is an Angel Professional who lovingly combines her experience and expertise in yoga, energy work, and as an angel communicator to help you get the "issues out of your tissues" to find peace, balance, and wellness. In addition to her upcoming book, Jill offers weekly Angel yoga classes, as well as many other offerings.

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Why Paperback and eBook?

The answer is simple: Because it's kinder to the environment. By using print-on-demand services, resources are used ONLY when a book is ordered. This means that we can reduce our impact on the environment by reducing resources and energy used for printing, as well as those used for long- or short-term storage. Plus, no matter where you order from, all the books are printed locally/regionally, which means print-on-demand is the epitome of what it means to "think globally, act locally."

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