Joanna Quargnali-Linsley

From an early age, Joanna has been passionate about advocating for others. Her varied career in music, marketing, consulting, and teaching have all led to her becoming who she always was: a “Pathfinder”– one who helps others move through uncertain challenges using skills she has acquired through her own diverse experiences.

After having to navigate the medical system for multiple family members with rare conditions, Joanna returned to school to become a Certified Ayurvedic Health Counselor, Yin Yoga teacher, and Kinetic Bridging Specialist. In her new role, she is a teacher, mother, leader, and healer.

Joanna’s mix of American/European sensibilities adds to her knowledge of Eastern/Western medical philosophies, allowing her to create customized approaches for her clients. The result is improved health and wellbeing in an incredibly supportive process. To complement her healing work, Joanna makes her own herbal supplements and salves drawing on her knowledge of Ayurvedic treatments and traditional herbalism.

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