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Desire, Mystery, and Belonging: A Reflection Workbook


This 59-page Reflection Workbook is the perfect accompaniment to help you explore the themes inherent in Desire, Mystery, and Belonging. Sarah Flick has crafted each question with care to help you delve deeper into how these three companions are present in your own life. By reflecting on the questions posed, you can develop a greater understanding of how you can create a life of belonging—to self, to others, to the Holy—while embracing both desire and mystery.

The downloadable (6.8MB) and full-color Reflection Workbook is available as a PDF—ready for you to print or use digitally. It is a perfect guide for personal contemplation, book clubs, and group discussions. With ample pace for you to explore your answer to each question as creatively as you wish—in writing, as a collage, or drawing—you will be able to more fully embrace the teachings offered in the book Desire, Mystery, and Belonging.

NOTE: Once ordered, you will instantly be given a link to download the PDF file. The download must be completed within 7 days. This is not a spiral-bound book, it is a digital download. Total file size is 6.8MB.

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Publication Date
March 26, 2022
Product Dimensions
8.5 x 11.0 inches
Page Count

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