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Revealing Higher Frequencies

A Guidebook to Exploring Personal Growth and Self-Love Through Deep Reflection Using the Divinity Mirror and Energetic Expressions


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In Revealing Higher Frequencies, the third in a series of books by Franny Harcey and Tim McConville of Awakening Healing Axis (AHA), we are invited to explore the concepts of personal growth and self-love. Using the tools of reflection and mirroring, in addition to those previously outlined in their other books, Franny and Tim introduce us to the Energetic Expressions that manifest in our lives to help us stay secure. They then share tools and exercises we can use to help shift into a higher frequency, benefitting ourselves and the planet.

Within this book you will experience the protocols—including meditations and exercises—they offered in their retreat of the same theme, as well as an ever-deepening understanding of the principles behind energy, frequency, and how to navigate and work with both in an ever-changing world. Ultimately, practicing self-love is key to moving beyond our self-imposed limits and recognizing both our power and our deep connection to self, Spirit, and others.

Revealing Higher Frequencies is a must-read for anyone interested in healing the patterns of their past that have kept them stuck or feeling disconnected. As we learn to reconnect to our core being, we raise our frequency and become better tools to serve the collective shift in planetary consciousness, thereby supporting change in our lives and our world.

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Publication Date
January 15, 2024
Product Dimensions
6 x 9 inches
Page Count

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