Awakening Healing Axis

After working together for several years, Jeannette Nienaber, Tim McConville, and Franny Harcey were divinely guided to share their collective wisdom, and Awakening Healing Axis was born. Through the synergy of their collaboration, the trio have found it possible to go much deeper into the work of personal healing and supporting others in their quest for self-healing and transformation. With individual backgrounds in various energy modalities, Jeannette, Tim, and Franny have created work that focuses on raising their collective frequency and those they share with, in order to contribute to the ascension of human consciousness.

This unique approach incorporates new healing techniques, increasing our understanding of the science supporting energy therapies while linking to the development of new insights among esoteric healing, human physiology, and energy therapy through the multi-dimensional bio fields. Offering retreats throughout the year, Awakening Healing Axis uses natural settings to create a foundation for sharing their work, thereby inviting participants to experience greater depths of personal exploration.

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