Kate’s 12 Moments of Inspiration—#1

We invited author and holistic mentor Kate Brenton to talk more about what has inspired her. Here she shares a series of 12 short stories that sparked her creativity. Look out for a new story every month!

Reciprocal Goodness

When the invitation to create a podcast appeared in my life, I was wondering if that was a right fit for my limited time as a new mama. One day, walking through Whole Foods, my sister and I grabbed some free samples of vegan, all fruit mini-popsicles for the kids as we shopped. I noticed that the kids loved the popsicles, and there was no sugar rush.

‘A company that benefits their consumer as well as their own profit,’ I thought!

I realized these were the kinds of stories I wanted to share of reciprocal goodness and decided if Mompops would agree to an interview, I would move forward to create a podcast. They did. Their episode became the first chapter of my book— but that is another story! The signs of alignment are around us if we are listening.

Kate’s new book Rebirth based on this story and others, is coming on September 22nd. Sign up here to be notified of its release!

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