Kate’s 12 Moments of Inspiration—#5

We invited author and holistic mentor Kate Brenton to talk more about what has inspired her. Here she shares a series of 12 short stories that sparked her creativity. Look out for a new story every month!

Story as Medicine

A woman reached out to have me on her podcast as she wanted to talk about story as medicine.

I loved the concept, but was pivoting away from putting my client writing work on the forefront; however, my intuition really resonated with her so I moved forward with the intake interview, which I thought was a little shaky.

Right before our podcast interview, she sent me a slew of questions that reoriented my passion of story as medicine from an embodiment and spiritual development tool. She also felt compelled to share as a tandem to this interview a deeply cathartic story; combined, it created a magical and dynamic episode that serves as a great resource for listeners and a great reminder for me that intuition leads me to better places than logic. 

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