How can water help you be more creative?

“When I am on the verge of losing it, raging or spinning out, spiraling into how exhausted or off track I am, I call out to myself and say, `Honey, you are just thirsty. Drink. Take a drink.’”

My client said this in an appraisal of herself and I almost dropped the phone at her clarity. We are thirsty. We are dehydrated and standing atop a planet full of water.

I do this to myself too: Search and search, turning away from the simple answers because we have turned away from simplicity, or as likely, we are more comfortable struggling for our power than residing in it.

The Now only needs our presence. Asks for our presence and that simplicity is startling enough to stop your breath, and yet one of the easiest ways to be present is to breathe.

Take a breath now.

Let it go.

Take another breath now, and let that one leave, too.

Why do we need to be reminded to breathe?

Why when we are invited to breathe do we relish in it yet this autonomic function is forgotten as so as we turn away our attention. Mind you, it is not the function ceasing, only our awareness of it.

This client is not the first woman to mention that “a lot of things go wrong when we are dehydrated.” That we cannot fully function without having our basics covered. Just like the overly used car analogy: we too cannot run on an empty tank; what is even more fascinating is that we are more sure to attend to the cars’ mechanics than our own. Both operating vehicles, car and body, have become things that only the “experts” know – and that is where we have gone off track so to speak. Fine that Paul, my favorite mechanic at Almond Street Garage, is keeping me informed of my cars’ needs, yet I need to be mindful of my body’s needs. I need that relationship. That is not only my responsibility as much as a key to creating my joy.

In this Now moment can we feel our feet? How about the breeze – can we reconnect to the cycle that supports life, our own and that all around us? We are mindful what gas we place in our car. Are we mindful of the octane that we put in our body? I mean really. Are we consuming quality or are we snacking on marketing? There is a major difference.

Water has become a commodity.

We can change that.

Patterns can be undone.

Water is a necessity for you.

It is.

Your power is a necessity for your creation.

Your connection to yourself is a key to your power.

So coming back to my client’s insight, our conversation wound back to: Keep it simple.

Are you doing the basic things to help keep your cup full. I mean, the metaphors are there for a reason why not use them?

Are we checking in with the simplest action or answer first?

Are we considering our body state or only our to-do list?

Can we look at the natural world for examples?

Hint. Your pets drink water when they need to. Plants bend towards the sun. Nature uses the same building blocks for you.

So, Honey, take a drink.

Then with that satiated compassion for Self, let’s look at what else you are thirsting for out of your life because beauty abounds here.

Tell us how you check-in in the comments below. Or if you are looking to create change, establish new patterns and live more like you, schedule a free connection call to chat with me.


  • Pam
    August 12th, 2020 · Reply

    I couldn’t agree more regarding hydration. That is the perfect starting point when I feel myself beginning to tail-spin and I forget again and again to stop and take a sip.

    How I check in usually is begin with breath and then try to attach my impulse to a memory or a meditative state, like the morning when I sat on a bench in the yard with a cat on my lap.

    There’s this neuropsychologist named Dr. Rick Hanson who teaches brain related Buddhism. I’ve been studying his NeuroDharma. It was an 8-week course. He calls it turning “states into traits.” Anyway, I could go on. I do love the water approach though!

    • Martina Faulkner
      August 14th, 2020 · Reply

      Thanks, Pam! We love Kate’s words, too…also, your morning hanging out on a bench with your cat sounds idyllic!

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