Sarah Flick’s Writing Tip #1: Write For Yourself

As an author and spiritual director, Sarah Robinson Flick’s writing evokes a sense of the seasons, sacred places, and the spiritual nature in life. In this series of blogs, Sarah walks us through some of her best writing tips. These tried-and-true pieces of advice for new writers will be highlighted monthly. To learn more about Sarah and her writing, check out her debut memoir, Desire, Mystery, and Belonging, available now on Amazon.

Tip #1: Write For Yourself.

Write for yourself first. I have never forgotten reading J.D. Salinger’s many thoughts about writing. One that I always remember (my paraphrase):

“Think about what you most want to read, then go and write that book.”

For me, this is the first step in writing from the heart, from our own deep desire. What is calling to be written from deep inside us?

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