Angel Thoughts Heal Your Pain

Happy full moon lunar eclipse earth angels. The full moon is a time to trust your intuition so you can strengthen your angelic connection. The full moon shines a guiding light on both your gifts and your pain, creating space for angelic pain relief. This full moon is coupled with a total lunar eclipse, revealing the pain pattern that was previously eclipsed from your consciousness and moving it to the forefront of your mind for deep healing. 

In my book, Receiving From Your Angels: Four Practices to Heal Your Pain with Angel Love,
In my debut book, Receiving From Your Angels: Four Practices to Heal Your Pain with Angel Love (available here), the angels teach about the importance of calming your mind so you can receive their love. Calming your mind is no easy feat as the mind is designed to think, analyze, and solve problems. Research shows that you have over 70,000 thoughts per day. That’s a lot of thoughts! It’s common when you are in pain for your thoughts to turn toward fear, anxiety, and negativity. All those heavy thoughts and mental activity can slow the flow of your angels’ pain-relieving love.

Remember, relaxation is the gateway to angelic pain relief. Each level of relaxation—physical, emotional, mental and spiritual relaxation—is designed to create space for your angels’ love in your body. Mental relaxation is about calming your monkey mind. Mental relaxation is not about no thought, which is humanly impossible, but rather about creating space between your thoughts. Mental relaxation invites you to focus on your breath, which brings you and your body into the present moment. Focusing  on your breath slows your thoughts, creating space for your intuition, creativity, and angel thoughts to flow. Angel thoughts are medicine that can heal your pain.

Personally, I think mental relaxation is hard, especially when stress levels are high. It’s so easy to let my mind go to worst case scenarios and to worry about things outside of my control, like my mom’s cancer and condition. Following her respiratory distress event, which created a lack of oxygen to her brain, my mom is now having cognitive issues, including difficulty remembering her medications, appointments, and even what day it is. She has also lost the ability to text. As her level of care increases, it is so easy to let my mind race. Now, the full moon lunar eclipse can intensify negative or worrisome thoughts, which adds fuel to the flame.

Mental relaxation is about syncing your logical mind with your intuitive heart. Inviting your thinking mind to sink down into your feeling heart creates space for divine thought or angel thoughts to enter. Angel thoughts heal your pain. When you relax your mind, your body responds in kind. Aligning your mind with divine mind takes practice, patience, and devotion. Remember your angels are devoted to your angelic pain relief journey and await your every request for their loving help and guidance. The eclipse portal will amplify your intuitive channels, creating a clear connection to your angels’ pain-relieving love.

If you are ready to heal your pain with angel love, hire me as your Angel Coach. Fill out the short questionnaire on my website, and schedule your free breakthrough conversation, where I will share your customized angelic pain relief plan.

All my love and full moon lunar eclipse angel blessings, Jill

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