Your Parts Heal Through Emotional Relaxation!

Happy NEW MOON SOLAR ECLIPSE, earth angels! New moons are dark, offering a sacred
space to release your pain and plant the seed of new beginnings. The new moon is a time to
pause, press the reset button, and begin again so you can receive your angels’ pain-relieving
love. This new moon is coupled with a solar eclipse which brings revelations, epiphanies, and
previously eclipsed (or hidden) parts to the surface.

In my book, Receiving From Your Angels: Four Practices to Heal Your Pain with Angel Love,
the angels teach us that the energy body is a direct way to receive angelic pain relief. Each
layer of your energy body—your roots, parts, chakras, and aura—are designed to protect your
physical body, help you release pain, and receive your angels’ love. Your inner universe of parts
is an essential layer of your energy body that honors your humanity because your parts live
inside your body.

Your parts—also known as your ego—are not imaginary and need to be approached with deep
respect. Your parts are real just like your angels, even though they are invisible to the naked
eye. It’s relieving to know that your parts have noble intentions, even when they appear to be
sabotaging you. As a sensitive soul, it is common for your parts to get triggered during the moon
cycles which amplify your emotional sensitivity and intuitive abilities. As beloved followers of
your soul, your parts are protecting you when they get triggered.

Personally, I am still processing my mom’s respiratory distress incident from a narcotic
overdose. As you can imagine, I have a lot of emotions about that event. I have a part that feels
blame, a part that feels guilty, and a part that feels sad. The event caused a major setback in
my mom’s recovery, and each time I talk to her medical team about the event, my parts get
activated. When my parts get triggered, they need to relax, re-devote, and receive my angels’
love once again. Remember, relaxation is the gateway to angelic pain relief.

Your angels love each and every part of you without exception or condition. Your angels‘
unconditional love flows through the layers of your aura, into your chakras, and into your body
and parts through your awareness of your energy body. The parts layer of your energy body
which is dynamic, fluid, and arouses wonder and curiosity can be accessed through emotional
relaxation. Emotional relaxation creates space for your parts to be seen, heard, and loved.

Discovering your universe of parts is a lifelong journey that increases joy, self-knowledge, and
your ability to receive your next level of angelic pain relief. Invite the new moon solar eclipse to
reveal which parts of you need your angels’ love and healing.

Come see me at my book signing and celebration at Infinity Foundation this Saturday 4/30 from 6:30-9pm. As an open house, feel free to stop in for a hug, some sweet treats, and to have your book signed. I would love to see you and invite you to bring a friend or loved one.

All my love and new moon solar eclipse angel blessings, Jill

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