Your Pain Is Your Medicine

Happy full moon, earth angels. Earth angels love the moon cycles because they know how much more intuitive they will be. Full moons are a time of illumination and celebration. The full moon not only illuminates the pain that needs to heal, but also your earth angel medicine and gifts. Your intuition is magnetic to receiving angelic pain relief. 

In my debut book, Receiving From Your Angels: Four Practices to Heal Your Pain with Angel Love, available now on Amazon, the angels say that your pain is your medicine. The angels teach that your wound is your greatest treasure when seen through the eyes of love. When you see the pain with your guardian angel’s eyes, it transforms into your medicine. Transformation of pain into peace occurs when you acknowledge the deeper meaning and understanding of your pain.

Medicine heals. Your earth angel medicine is your unique set of gifts, talents, and blessings that no one else has—because no one has walked in your shoes. No one has lived exactly as you have lived. Your earth angel medicine is created from your personal life experiences. The challenges, the difficulties, and the pain that you have experienced are all part of your medicine. Your angels fully honor your soul’s journey in a human body. They guide you to see the wound through their eyes of love and compassion, which is the magic that transforms the energy to its highest state. 

Your earth angel medicine is for you to receive first, then for you to share with others. You can receive your medicine by honoring the wound or pain that you experienced. Receiving your medicine happens through your devotion to relaxing your body and mind, to consciously releasing pain, and to receiving angel love. When you embody your medicine it vibrates out of you and becomes effortless. 

Earth angels are brave. It takes courage to learn the lesson from the wound or pain. Learning the lesson is not about punishing, berating, or judging yourself. You can create space to learn the lesson from the pain by stepping into the gateway of relaxation. Relaxation is the gateway to angelic pain relief. Each level of relaxation supports you in transforming your pain into medicine. 

The biggest block to sharing your medicine is feeling shame or unworthiness. You can feel like you are not good enough or that you aren’t qualified or ready to share or shine more. It’s okay to feel shaky, tender, and vulnerable as you integrate your pain into medicine. Remember that pain is a part that needs angel love. Your angels have so much compassion for your human journey, just let yourself receive it. To quote Fia, “you have everything you need, just remember to breathe.” 

Are you ready to transform your pain into your medicine? Hire me as your angel coach. Apply to work with me on my website and schedule a free 45-60 minute Break Through Conversation (BTC). In this BTC, I will help you get clarity about your pain and share your customized angelic pain relief plan.

All my love and full moon angel blessings, Jill

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