What Are You Doing In 2022?

Volume III / Issue 1 — 4 January 2022

The new year is upon us, and if you remotely engage in media (watching TV or being online), you have probably been inundated with advertisements and messages related to the many ways you can reinvent your life. From weight loss (the most common) to setting goals, tackling challenges, and creating opportunities, this time of year is all about prodding you to create change. As such, it becomes a really noisy time of year to be online. At least, that’s what I’ve found. 

I gave up the practice of making “New Year’s Resolutions” many years ago as I began to practice discernment in what I listened to and watched. My basic rule is this: If the message is fear-based or rooted in telling me I’m not good enough as I am, I ignore it. (Or I do my best to.) Not only is this messaging wrong, it also sets you up for failure 99% of the time. (I have a book coming about this, but that’s for another day.)

So, what do I do instead? I ask myself: What do I want to DO this year? I have found that this simple question leads to a lot of daydreaming, and that, to me, is where I find the gold

  • Do I want to write another book? 
  • Do I want to learn something new? 
  • Do I want to rest more? Play more? Laugh more? 
  • Do I want to see more friends? 
  • What do I want to DO in the next 12 months? 

Unexpected hurdles will always show up in our lives. Knowing what you want to do before obstacles show up (and making a start toward that end) can actually help you deal with them better. For example, if you test positive for Covid and suddenly have to quarantine for a week, it could be a great time to catch up with friends (on the phone), read another book, or rest more. When you know what you want to do with your year, you become more focused on enhancing the quality of your life, and that makes all the difference.

So, what are you doing in 2022?

Happy New Year!

All my best,

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