Your Energy Body Magnetizes Angelic Love

Happy December, and happy new moon solar eclipse, earth angels. December is a portal month, meaning there are many openings for you to level up and heal. This new moon is extra potent because of the solar eclipse. The new moon is a time for new beginnings, renewal, and reset.

The darkness of the new moon beckons you to release the pain, anxiety, and stress that no longer serves. Releasing the pain is like pressing the reset button, which creates space for your angels’ love to flow, healing your body, mind, and soul. Eclipses support the release as they reveal what was previously “eclipsed,” or hidden from your consciousness. As an earth angel, your intuition will be magnified during the moon cycles, making it easier to connect with your energy body. 

In my debut book, Receiving From Your Angels, available now on Amazon, the angels teach about the importance of your energy body as a direct and consistent way to receive their unending love. Your energy body, which is composed of four distinct layers, roots, parts, chakras, and aura, is an efficient way for your angels to send you love. Your energy body is designed to anchor your soul into your body, protect your physical body, and keep you connected to your angels’ love. 

Your angels have so much compassion for the pain you are experiencing at this time in your human journey. They know the pain, whether it’s physical or emotional pain, is very real, and they never judge, dismiss, or compare your pain to others’. The moment you experience any pain, your angels send your cushion of love and compassion to comfort you. Although the angels say that pain is a portal to receive their love, they never want you to suffer. 

When your angels send you love, the first point of contact for you to receive their loving energy is through your energy body. The angels’ loving energy first connects with your aura, which is the electromagnetic field that surrounds your physical body. The angels’ love flows from your aura into the chakra that is closest to the point of pain. Chakras are energy centers, or as the angels like to call them, angel receivers. Each chakra is designed to both give and receive energy from your angels to support, protect, and heal your physical body. 

Although your angels can send healing energy directly into your physical body, it’s a smoother connection for your human body to receive their love through your energy body. As an earth angel, you are guided to walk with an awareness of your energy body as you move through your daily life activities. Tending to your energy body will increase your ability to receive angel love. The strength of your energy body is affected by your awareness of its presence. 

As a sensitive soul, it is common to have some fears about connecting with your energy body. You may be afraid of finding something scary or upsetting, or discovering an unwanted energy. The new moon solar eclipse is a perfect time to release that fear and embrace the new beginning of connecting with your energy body on a daily basis as a pathway to receiving angelic pain relief. 

It is safe to acknowledge the presence of your energy body as you walk, shop, shower, drive, and work. Use this prayer to open your heart. “Thank you, angels, for increasing my awareness of my awesome energy body.” 

If you are ready to deepen your relationship with your energy body to heal pain with angel love, hire me as your angel coach. You can schedule a free, one-hour breakthrough conversation with me by answering the questionnaire on the start here tab of my website: In this free BTC, I will help you receive clarity about your pain and share your customized angelic pain relief plan. 

All my love and new moon solar eclipse angel blessings, Jill

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