Renew Your Devotion to Heal Your Pain

Happy new moon earth angels. The new moon is a time to renew your devotion to yourself and your angelic connection. New moons offer the chance for a clean slate as you release the old patterns of pain, anxiety, and self doubt—and plant the seeds of self compassion. 

Your expanded intuition during the moon cycles allows you greater access to angelic pain relief. 

In my forthcoming book, Receiving From Your Angels, the first practice to heal pain with angel love is to renew your devotion. Devotion means to have love, loyalty, and enthusiasm for a person, place, or idea. As an earth angel, you are devoted to embodying the benevolence of the Divine. This means you are fully committed to being a channel of unconditional love for yourself and others. 

This can seem like a lofty goal and at times you can feel lost or overwhelmed by your or the world’s pain. It’s normal for you to lose your focus on why you are here and what your divine mission is. That’s why the renewing of your devotion practice is the foundation of angelic pain relief. You devote yourself to being a channel of love and then you break the vow. Breaking the vow simply means you lost your focus on embodying the compassion of the angels. 

Remember, your angels never judge you. Once you break the vow, which happens often because you are highly sensitive and highly intuitive, all you have to do is re-devote. Breaking the vow means you are experiencing pain instead of love. When pain arises, pause and take a deep breath in. Then place your hands over your heart, the gateway of your angels’ love, and say silently or out loud, “I am devoted to receiving love from my angels.”  

Your sensitivity is a gift that allows you to see, hear, and feel your angels. Your sensitivity encourages you to cherish your body-soul connection. Your angels are devoted to you. Your  body is devoted to carrying your angels’ love. Pausing anytime you feel physical or emotional pain, allows you to receive love from your angels and renew your devotion. This loving re-devotion helps you listen to the whispers of your body and your angels. 

The more gentle you are with yourself when you break the vow, the easier it is to simply re-devote. Renewing your devotion restores the flow of your angels’ love and heals your pain. 

Breaking the vow builds spiritual mastery as you move through the love-pain-love cycle. You are meant to be human and break the vow of receiving love from your angels. Your angelic connection gets stronger every time you break the vow and re-devote. Renewing your devotion is an act of self love.

I’m excited to announce a brand new offering to gather earth angels together called the Earth Angel Prayer circle. This is a free offering over Zoom and the first one is scheduled for Thursday April 22 at 10am. The Earth angel prayer circle will include angel prayers, archangel activations, Angel reiki, and oracle cards. Registration is required to join and you will receive the replay if you can’t join us live. Hope you can join us. 

If you are ready to release pain with angel love, hire me as your angel coach. You can schedule a FREE Angel BTS with me by filling out my breakthrough session questionnaire on my website www.jillkempnerhealing.comAll my love and new moon angel blessings, Jill

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