Pain Is A Teacher Not A Punishment

Happy new moon earth angels. The new moon is a chance to press the reset button and renew. When you press the reset button—in the darkness of the new moon—you can release that which no longer serves you, such as stress, tension, pain, or anxiety. As you release with gratitude, you plant the seeds of new beginnings, allowing you to receive more love and compassion from your angels. Earth angels experience increased intuitive downloads during the moon cycles. 

In my forthcoming book, Receiving From Your Angels, the angels teach us that your body is the home of your soul. Your angels are devoted to healing your body. When your physical body aches in pain, gets ill or injured, it is not sabotaging you, it just needs more love. Physical issues in the tissues are a soul-chosen challenge. Each issue in the tissue strengthens your earth angel medicine and offers your soul an opportunity for growth and healing. 

The angels remind you that when you experience physical pain, illness or injury, it is an experience for your soul and not a punishment. Although the root of the word for pain in Latin, poena, means penalty or punishment, from the angelic perspective pain is a teacher. Pain is an opportunity to shift, learn, and grow. Pain can teach you to slow down, be gentle, change directions, and pause. 

One thing my angels have taught me is that pain is pain. Your angels never compare your pain with others. Whether you have experienced a broken bone, a headache, or a bee sting, they know your pain is real. Your angels will never diminish or minimize your experience or compare your pain to another’s pain. Your angels know that the pain you feel is real. The moment you experience any pain, your angels send you extra waves of compassion and healing to soften and relieve your pain. 

The angels know that your pain is a loud and often exiled part, which can be demanding during times of stress or trauma. When your pain part gets activated, whether you hurt yourself or someone else hurt you, there is a human tendency to move into suffering. The Buddha says “pain is inevitable, but suffering is optional.” Suffering from pain comes when your parts begin to judge or even damn the pain. Judging pain actually amplifies the pain. 

You can be in pain and not suffer if you allow yourself to receive the lesson you are learning as well as the infinite unconditional love your angels are sending to you. Listening to and not dismissing even the smallest pain can be seen as preventative medicine. Pausing when you are in pain to receive love, messages, and healing from your angels is an act of self love.

When your pain part arises, ask the question, “what lesson am I learning from this pain?” Then place your hands over your heart and silently say, “I am devoted to receiving loving pain relief from my angels.” As you breathe, gently relax your body and mind as you consciously release pain by exhaling the pain out through your roots. Finally, pause and let yourself receive all the love and compassion you need from your angels. Remember to thank your angels to keep your vibe high. 

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