What is Love?

Volume II / Issue 3 — 2 February 2021

A year ago, I wrote a piece on the original Inspirebytes™ blog delineating what Love was. I asked the question: What is Love, Really? and sought to answer it from a more studied perspective. I explored the various meanings behind the different types of “love” as well as the concept of “being” love (a phrase that has become increasingly popular among wellness and new age practitioners).

Today, while I certainly appreciate any exploration of words and their history, I think it might be time to simplify things. Because, although love is intellectually definable, it is also subjective. This means that it can have many different meanings and many different definitions, depending on who you ask. This also makes love universal, which is actually what’s most important.

Love is found in the smallest act of kindness and the largest gesture of adoration.

Love is found in the most challenging moments of vulnerability and in the easiest instances of joy.

Love is found in the quiet and in the noise, in the mundane and in the extraordinary.

Love is a word, a touch, an image. It’s art, poetry, music, books, and connection.

Love is.

February is a month in which we celebrate love, and here at IOM, we emphasize doing what you love and loving what you do. We have built our community and our collection of offerings around this philosophy… we genuinely love what we do! So, whether you love to read, love to create, or love to connect with others, we hope you take some time to discover what you love and then enjoy it. Hopefully, you find something you love in our pages, too, as we’re all about bringing you more of what you love.

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“Love doesn’t grow at a steady rate, but advances in surges, bolts, and wild leaps.”
– Ian McEwan –

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