The Shadow of Being an Earth Angel—Part 3

Happy full moon earth angels. The full moon shining high in the sky is guiding you to celebrate all of your victories. The fully illuminated moon guides you to see the light within yourself, and to not fear the shadow of pain, anxiety and stress that surfaces. As an earth angel, the full moon magnetizes your strong intuitive channels and invites you to listen deeply to your personal truth, no matter how unique it appears to be. 

Earth angels are bold. They are willing to go deep within to the heart of their soul to unleash their magnificence. Earth angels are also humble and know that they are not better or more special than anyone else. Owning your magnificence is unlocked when you recognize that we are ALL magnificent. We all come from the same Divine Source—love—and will return there once again. 

This sense of equality and humility opens the flow of your intuition and allows you to access your earth angel medicine. Your earth angel medicine is your unique set of gifts and talents that no one else has. Your earth angel medicine has been cultivated through the many past lives of your soul. 

As an earth angel you have a strong sense of knowing that you have been here before. You know in your heart that you have lived many lives, even if you cannot remember them. Regardless of the challenges or difficulties you experienced in past lives, you are devoted in this life to being a channel of unconditional love. 

The shadow of past lives is the fear of facing painful or hurtful behaviors you may have engaged in during your previous lives. There’s a fear of having been a “bad” or even an “evil” person in a past life. You may even judge your current life challenge that you are going through and think it is bad karma from a past life. Although you did come to earth to clear and balance your karma, your current struggles are not a punishment from previous lives. Your current challenges are opportunities your soul has chosen for your growth, healing, and evolution. 

The brightness of the full moon can open your intuitive channels, allowing you to tap into past lives that may be stored in your tissues and chakras. Fearing bad behaviour from past lives blocks you from receiving the gifts, blessings, and medicine from these previous lives. Reclaiming your magnificence rests in the releasing of the fear of past lives’ challenges. Accepting that past lives are part of your truth can soften the memories and allow you to receive wisdom from the wounds. 

Connecting with past lives is about healing THIS life. It’s not about drowning in the drama or the story. Past life work is about understanding why this pattern of pain you’re currently experiencing is long-held, and having great compassion for your growth. Past life work isn’t really about seeing the difficulties, but more about reclaiming your gifts, talents, and blessings. Receiving from your past life benefits you and your loved ones.

So, trust that if your guardian angels, under the light of the full moon, are showing you a past life to heal, it is for your highest and best good. Trust that the past life being revealed to you is awakening your earth angel medicine so you can shine your light brighter. Be gentle with yourself and above all trust your gut. 

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