3 Ways to Protect Your Energy With the Angels

It’s your guardian angels’ job to keep you safe and spiritually protected. However, protecting your sensitivities is one of your responsibilities. This responsibility is not about feeling burdened or pressure; it’s about being devoted to your earth angel medicine and your own well-being.

Here are three ways you can protect your energy with the help of your angels: 

  1. Relax and cherish your body. Relaxation is the gateway to angelic pain relief and protection. Your angels guide you to cherish your body as the temple of your soul. Your physical body is the divination tool and is meant to carry your angels’ love, through your energy body. 

    As an earth angel, you cherish both your physical body and your energy body in equal measure. Your energy body—which includes your energetic roots, your universe of parts, your chakras, and your aura—needs to be cleared consistently to receive love from your angels. Conscious relaxation softens your body and mind which opens and clears your energy body allowing the flow of angelic love, healing, and protection.
  1. Release and lead with your heart. Your heart is the gateway to your angels’ love and is an alchemical space of healing. You are not meant to carry yours or anyone else’s pain. Releasing takes courage because you have to be honest with yourself about your feelings and have the willingness to feel what you are releasing. Releasing heavy, toxic, or painful energy is a daily practice that encourages you to trust your body’s truthful wisdom. Releasing what no longer serves you allows you to listen to your wise and loving heart. 
  1. Receive and honor your intuition. Your intuition is your inner GPS and is the direct way your angels communicate with you. Everyone is born with intuition. Each of your 5 intuitive channels is connected with a physical sense (sight, hearing, smell, taste, and touch) and provides direct access to your angels’ love. 

    As an earth angel it’s essential to trust what you see, feel, hear, know, sense, and smell in each moment so that you stay in the flow of your guardian angels’ flawless protection. Your angels can keep you safe when you trust and honor your senses and the direct messages they’re sending you through your body and your intuition.  

Your angels love you unconditionally and are devoted to your healing and enlightenment. Your free will protects your right to choose so choose wisely, and remember to ask your angels for help and assistance with each task and situation. It’s the “angels code” to honor your free will choices. Ask for and receive all of the love, healing, and protection you need. 

Namaste and love, Jill

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