Mental Health in the Workplace

According to a recent article in Fortune “One in five Americans suffers from some sort of mental health condition, and 56% of them receive no treatment. The ripple effects in the workplace are significant: According to a 2015 study, depression alone costs the U.S. economy an estimated $210 billion a year through work absenteeism, low productivity, and concurrent conditions that often accompany poor mental health. That means that legitimizing and prioritizing emotional health in the workplace is financially prudent as well as humane.”


Despite its prevalence and impact, the topic of mental health in the workplace used to be something many employees would keep to themselves in hopes to keep their job. However, thankfully, the times have changed and some executives are coming forward asking for people to come forward about their mental health issues.

Take the CEO of Cisco, for example. Chuck Robbins decided to address the topic head-on by sending out a company-wide email encouraging his employees to “talk openly and extend compassion,”. The response wasn’t what he was expecting.

Hundreds of emails came in talking about their personal mental health struggles and how it affects them. This doesn’t speak for the people who still don’t want to admit to anything to the CEO of the company. This ONE email made such an impact. If every CEO decided to take the time to send out an email or talk with their employees to see how they are doing company moral would go up dramatically. Sometimes all anyone ever wants is someone to understand, someone to hear them. And when I say hear them, I don’t mean sitting on their phones and occasionally listening in, I mean having a compassionate conversation.

Sure, the CEO might not be able to talk to every single employee, especially if they work with thousands of other people. But the conversation could get started about different programs, counselors, and changes that can be made in the workplace. The answer some CEO’s have been wondering about how to make an effective change could be sitting right in front of them through the thoughts of the employees.  

Creating new programs to help those who are struggling can change the entire outlook the employees have on the company. Happy workers make money for the company, sad ones cost it. Unfortunately, as harsh as that is, it’s the truth.

What else can you do? Well, Google models some great options. For one, they offer “talks where employees can learn some new skills such as actors from Broadway sharing their experiences and tips, authors giving insight on their new books, and high-level chefs giving demonstrations. It doesn’t stop there. They also bring in celebrities such as Ryan Reynolds to share insights on their life, career and more. This shows that the company cares about each employee as a person. They want their employees to make the best versions of themselves because then they get to work with “The Best”. In addition, Google offers its employees involves ways to “de-stress” while at work. Whether that be through their various workout centers, getting quick 20 minute massages, or taking time to relax in one of their sleep pods.  

Until companies start to implement these great ways to help their employees, I think it’s smart for you to reach out to someone. Talking to a third party has proven to make leaps and bounds towards bettering your mental health.

For those who are focused on addressing their own mental health with skills that have been proven time and time again to help reduce conditions like anxiety and depression, Online-Therapy offers an innovative way to get the individualized care you deserve. Unlike other online sites, Online-Therapy provides specific training on how to overcome stressors in your life. You can also get matched with your own therapist who can be alongside you as you to help guide you through your own transformation.

Whether you are a CEO, have millions, work a minimum wage job, or a stay at home parent we all deal with mental health issues. It takes a lot of courage to talk about your mental health so I applaud you for reaching out.  If you are ready to make positive changes in your life, simply click here for more information.

You deserve to live your best life and be happy while doing it!

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