Absolute and Resolute

There is no absolute. (Did you know?) However, as I have traveled around inner healing circles and taken dips in wisdom baths of knowledge, I have found many teachers/writers/etc (many!) who believe otherwise.

In fact, they are so convinced of their wisdom-derived statements and beliefs, they are themselves contradicting the essence of what they originally sought and were taught: to be open, to trust, and to allow.

It’s as if along their journey, one thing clicked (really well) and there they set up a shop, a home… and their grave. Stuck. It’s sad, really.

All that being said – I have read, stumbled upon, shared, learned, remembered, unlearned, and rediscovered “wisdom” so many times from so many different sources, the one thing I can say with absolute certainty is this:

There is no absolute…anything.

(Yes, the play on words was intended. ☺)

As many lives as there are on the planet, are as many paths as there are to the truth. As many people as you can see around you, are as many perspectives as you can have on a situation. There is truth, yes. And there is wisdom. How we arrive at that depends on our journey, which is different for everyone.

And the one failing of humankind that is hardest for me to witness is when I see someone stand resolutely in his or her beliefs by invalidating another’s experience.

To that point, if I could offer my two cents it would be this:

Be absolute in your beliefs, and then be resolute in your practice of constantly questioning them. Grow, explore, learn and unlearn. Or, as I said earlier: be open, trust, and allow for the possibility that there’s more. (And most certainly, do not call anyone else’s experience foolish.)

Just a thought for the day. Wishing you joy, love…and absolutely everything wonderful! 😉

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