Paying Attention

Have you ever gone through the cycle of feeling accomplished, feeling guilty for not doing other things on your list, feeling distracted by something new that came across your desk, and then feeling accomplished again? It’s overwhelming. Perhaps this specific example is unique to me, but it bears sharing.

This week I have been moving into my new office. I am absolutely thrilled to create a space that is my own – inviting, warm, friendly and nurturing. But, in spending all my time focusing on this project I have had to neglect other areas that also needed time and attention. That is to say, actually, that I chose to work on this office project in lieu of working on other areas of the business. Hence, you may have noticed that my weekly blog is a bit late in arriving.

But, here’s the thing: Earlier this week, I felt terribly overwhelmed and guilty about not writing the blog by the deadline in my mind. A deadline that existed solely because I created it. And then I thought about it. I gave myself permission to not feel guilty about focusing on one area while other areas get shelved for a little bit. The office set-up is a one-time occurrence, and I feel really good and accomplished about it, because I know it will enhance everything else that I am and will be doing on a more routine and regular basis. So – if for one week, other things get pushed aside. That’s ok.

It goes back to the alligator analogy – the alligator closest to my boat this week was the office set-up. Next week it will be something else. And in between, there is the slow (sometimes fast) moving river on which I am riding. The bottom-line here is: it’s ok. It’s ok to feel guilty about not doing something when you’re doing something else. It’s where you go with those feelings that matters. If I had spent the rest of my week beating myself up, worrying, and (quite frankly) shaming myself, I would have had a horrible week. Instead, I recognized what I was doing, and chose to give myself permission to focus on this one task, knowing that the other tasks would come back in when I got a little space for them. As a result, I am happy, excited, content and no longer overwhelmed and worried.

It goes without saying that when we apply our attention to the task at hand, we live a more fulfilled life. When we split our attention between what we are doing, and what we think we SHOULD be doing – that’s when the discord happens, and we start to feel out of balance, guilty, overwhelmed and worried. So, it’s your choice. Just like it was my choice. The feelings are there – you don’t have to change them. It’s what you do with them that matters.

In love and light,


THree THings

This week is about paying attention and being in the moment. Here are THree THings for you to consider:

Body – Are you drinking enough water? It’s summer, and temperatures are rising – dehydration can cause a general malaise that is not necessarily explained by anything else. Increasing your water intake can help tremendously.

Mind – What are you reading? Are you taking the time to read something? Devoting your attention to something pleasurable like reading for half an hour a day, can really help to quiet your mind.

Spirit – Is there a park nearby? Have you visited it recently? Being in nature is one of the greatest gifts we can give our souls. Reconnecting by simply walking in the grass or among the trees can center your spirit.

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