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The Perfection Paradox

How Perfectionism Prevents You From Being Your Best Self and What You Can Do About It


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Combining a research-oriented framework with a practical and accessible approach, The Perfection Paradox explores how the endless pursuit of perfection ultimately leads to a worse outcome. In this book, author, business administrator, and organizational psychologist Marjon Bohré-den Harder, shares her expertise on how to both recognize and overcome perfectionist tendencies—both personally and in the workplace.

This book is intended to help anyone struggling with perfectionism to better understand its cause while also learning how to overcome it. From individuals to corporate teams, the information contained in its pages offers a clear and concise roadmap to identify what perfection actually is and how it can impact our lives, as well as what you can do to counterbalance perfectionism and stop it from undermining your goals and life.

From the Author: “I hope readers will learn that perfectionism is not helpful at all because it keeps us small instead of helping us grow and develop. I hope this book inspires readers to let go of that perfectionism and embrace their humanness so we feel safe to learn together and reach for ambitious goals. Growing to be our best selves is so different from the burden of striving for perfection.”

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Publication Date
September 17, 2023
Product Dimensions
6 x 0.3 x 9 inches
Page Count