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Get Out of The Red Zone

Transform Your Stress and Optimize True Success™


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The red zone is something we all experience; it’s how you learn to recognize it and get out of it that matters. Knowing your personal red zone will help you optimize your life and cultivate practices that transform your stress. Dr. Elizabeth Lombardo’s True Success™ series takes you on a journey from your inner critic to your authentic self through a research-supported process. The first book in the series, Get Out of The Red Zone, addresses passion and stress in new ways.

Dr. E defines passion as “having positive energy, even in stressful times.” In this book, you will discover how to stop stressing and start living. The result is a transformation from the inside out where you will feel happier and more confident in both your personal and professional life, resulting in True Success. More than just “use positive affirmations,” Dr. E helps you identify what is uniquely holding you back and offers solutions on how to overcome it.  We all experience both, but knowing how to work with our passions and manage and utilize our stress is a game-changer. Dr. E does for the language around stress what Brené Brown did for the language around shame: She normalizes the conversation, making the topic more readily accessible, and gives us a roadmap out of stress and into better mental health.


“Sometimes when I have to play a complex role I often get into the Red Zone, and thanks to Dr. Lombardo’s new book, I can cope with the difficulties of the stress that can be caused by a difficult part.” — Taryn Manning, Actor, Musician

“Dr. E’s latest book creates a roadmap to living an extraordinary life!” – Vince Poscente, Olympian, NYT Bestselling Author, The Earthquake

Publication Date
September 27, 2021
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5.25 x 0.36 x 8 inches
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