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When the World Went Quiet

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When the World Went Quiet: An Invitation

The objective of this curriculum is to engage students in understanding that humans are a part of nature, not apart from nature. Through this curriculum, participants will know and be able to:

  • • increase their understanding of nature (and their role within it);
  • • understand the role of other species within nature (and how they are similar/different to us); and
  • • advocate for and act on behalf of wildlife.

  • A series of four (4) cumulative sessions are designed to draw on students' natural curiosity by comparing and contrasting characteristics of humans as a species with various wildlife species. Using tailored activities and homework assignments, students gain understanding through progressive normalization, without making animals "human" by giving them human characteristics and attributes.

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Melissa GrooConservation Photographer

Do you want to learn more about these animals and others, and the work being done to help them and our planet? Here are a few of my favorite places to learn about conservation.

About Melissa

Tia MartinaAuthor

Tia Martina loves finding magic in everyday events. Whether it's from walks in the forest with her dogs or watching her bird eat from a bowl of spaghetti, she enjoys capturing (and writing about) the little moments that make life special and fun. When Tia Martina is not creating new ideas and adventures, she likes to spend time with her friends, or can be found reading, making art, or listening to music.

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Kelly UlrichIllustrator

Kelly Ulrich is an artist from the west coast of Canada who likes painting so much she created a rain forest in her kitchen! When she's not busy dreaming up new children's stories, she can be found sipping a cup of tea in her backyard while watching nature, or working on her successful comic strip on her Instagram: "Nala, Dean & Vinny."

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"Through engaging illustrations and poetry, this delightful book tells the tale of how animals returned to a more free and wide-ranging existence when a global pandemic kept people inside, reminding us that the world is full of magical creatures that are a vital, if usually unseen, part of our natural community. Here’s hoping that a return to normal life for us will include more room for them."

Melissa Groo(July 2020)