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Waiting for the Moon

Poetic Reflections on Nature


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In Waiting for the Moon, Taylor Wray’s first book of poetry, we dive into a world filled with captivating verse. Whether depicting gentle breezes or fierce winds, lazy afternoons or quiet nights, Wray has invited us to share in his reflections as we experience glimpses of his life through 60 haiku on nature, season-by-season. Meant to be savored, each haiku rests on its own page, allowing the reader to revel in its brief embrace.

Available in Paperback and Ebook.

“This book is a relaxing escape into brief and dreamy moments, beautifully conveyed by the author. Taylor Wray captures all of those familiar, fleeting, subtle moments with pinpoint accuracy. Each page is a snapshot of a distinct feeling, and I loved getting completely lost in it!” – Lisa

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Publication Date
September 22, 2020
Product Dimensions
5 x 0.3 x 8 inches
Page Count

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