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Make God Big

How Being Radically Inclusive Can Expand Our Hearts and Heal Our World

Coming Late 2022

What does it mean to “Make God Big” – and, perhaps more importantly, why does it matter? Bishop Desmond Tutu, in a 2012 video made for a womens’ interfaith event in Houston, TX, said “to claim God exclusively is to make God too small.” In Make God Big, Tyler Asman invites us into a dialogue that pushes the edges of our understanding of “God” as it explores the relationships between the sacred and the mundane from a perspective aligned with Bishop Tutu’s original statement.

Equal parts history, theology, and radical inclusion, Make God Big weaves together the threads that modern religion would have us believe are inherently separate. Through its inviting perspective, this book petitions us to integrate the mythologies around us, discard the dogmas that bind us, and in so doing, embrace all of what it means to be both fully human and fully divine at every moment of our lives.

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