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Infinite In My Heart

Poems of Love, Loss, and Hope


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Who among us hasn’t experienced Love? or Loss? or the great Hope that accompanies every new and wondrous relationship? In Infinite In My Heart: Poems of Love, Loss, and Hope—her first book of poetry—Martina E. Faulkner has created an emotional journey of reflection. Over the course of several years, she poured her thoughts into poems that stir the soul at the most basic level. Martina’s words share what it means to be human: to love, to lose, and most of all, to return to hope… again and again.

Available in Paperback and Ebook.

“The overarching theme of Martina Faulkner’s latest work is one of duality and contradiction… This is only one of the factors that makes each poem so relatable- after all, as Faulkner writes, there is “no union that is not joined/And divided at once.” The depth of emotion and reflection contained in each spare poem as the author explores the ever-oscillating emotions of freedom and hope, the apt, pointed descriptions of the effects of love and anguish on her body and soul, make this compilation of poems something that can be savored one page at a time, read and re-read, or opened at random for a dose of inspiration and a departure point for reflexion on the human condition. Happy I picked this one up.” – Karena Akhavein, PhD, Founder of Spalmorum and the Creative Happy Hour podcast

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Publication Date
May 6, 2018
Product Dimensions
6 x 0.2 x 9 inches
Page Count
56 pages

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