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Bedtime for Bubbatweet

Illustrated by Frances E. Vail

Coming Early 2022

This charming book by Tia Martina is our first introduction to the world of a beloved, and at times impish, little grey, yellow, and white cockatiel named Bubbatweet. Beautifully illustrated by Fran Vail, we follow along as Bubbatweet tries very hard not to go to bed.

Bedtime for Bubbatweet is based on Tia Martina’s own experience with her pet cockatiel and yet it is something universally experienced in households around the world every single night. When it’s time for bed, we all struggle with wanting to stay up just a little bit longer. Bubbatweet is no exception. However, instead of asking for infinite glasses of water or books, she simply flies off… often landing on Mama’s head! In this delightful book, Tia Martina and Fran Vail perfectly capture the bedtime scene so many of us know.

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