Pam Woolway

Pam Woolway—also known as The Short Order Poet—has been a writer for decades. Pam holds a Bachelor’s degree in Journalism from Northern Arizona University and an MFA in Creative Writing from Antioch University. Her work is published in newspapers, literary journals, and magazines. Having started her career in journalism, she more recently found a home in crafting made-to-order poetry on her vintage typewriter at local events on Kauai, where she and her husband moved in 2001.

Pam has a gift for capturing moments. Whether in poetry or prose, she takes her readers on a journey, pausing only to inject her sharp wit and self-effacing humor just enough that you find yourself wanting to do more than just read her words—you’ll want to sit and share a cup of tea together. Beyond her gift for words, Pam is also an artist, having carried her talent into mixed media creations.

I love words and human beings and the energy traveling between us when we are curious and open to the unknown.” -Pam Woolway

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