Martina E. Faulkner, MSW

Martina E. Faulkner, is a bit of a Renaissance woman. As an author and publisher, she is interested in exploring the human condition through her own work and others’. As a certified life coach, retired licensed therapist, and Reiki Master Teacher, Martina combines coaching and psychotherapy with her highly specialized spiritual gifts, presenting a singular experience that transcends any one method, offering her clients something unique and entirely new in the healing arts community. In her own words: As a mystic for the modern age, I help people reconnect to their true self—their heart—to live their best life. I may wear many hats, but they all come back to one thing: Connection. Connection to Self, Connection to Others, and Connection to Source. When we are reconnected, we live life differently, for the better.”

As an author, Martina has been writing on spirituality and self-help for over a decade, with an emphasis on exploring the connection between our humanity and our divinity. Over the years, she has expanded her writing repertoire to include children’s and poetry, as well as industry-specific ghostwriting. Martina will soon be adding fiction to her list of offerings. When she isn’t at her desk, Martina likes to spend time with her dogs (Lucas and Maddie), her friends, and her family. A self-proclaimed Anglophile, Martina drinks tea daily and loves to look at beautiful images from the British Isles while daydreaming about her next book. Sign up here to be notified when Martina releases something new.

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