Andra Ellis

Andra Ellis has dedicated much of her life to listening to and walking alongside others as they find their soulful way in life. As a grief support volunteer for over a decade, she worked with families and individuals, a witness and companion to what matters most in their lives: surviving the challenges and sorrow of missing loved ones. Inspired by the writings and teachings of Elizabeth Kubler-Ross and Ram Dass, Andra continues to expand her understanding and experience in compassionate caring, healing energy and honoring the beautiful gift of life and unending love.

In her own words: “Grief and grace have brought me to this point: I live somewhere between staying in the present moment, where love truly is, planning forward slightly, and resting, well-grounded in knowing I have at least one guarantee in life which is returning to spirit form, in the love of God, the angels and the Universe.”

Andra lives in the beautiful countryside in Texas with her beloved dog, Tucker.

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