Sarah Flick’s Writing Tip #9: Move

As an author and spiritual director, Sarah Robinson Flick’s writing evokes a sense of the seasons, sacred places, and the spiritual nature in life. In this series of blogs, Sarah walks us through some of her best writing tips. These tried-and-true pieces of advice for new writers will be highlighted monthly. To learn more about Sarah and her writing, check out her debut memoir, Desire, Mystery, and Belonging, available now on Amazon.

Tip #9: Move

The hardest part of writing might be staying in the chair to write. We might feel restless or just have the “wiggles.” Some muscles might feel sore.

It only takes a moment to move.

Reach your arms up to the ceiling and stand up or stay seated and shake your arms and legs. Stretch what you want to stretch and walk around the room. Maybe make some noise or dance or all of these.

Set a timer for three minutes and move, then see how you feel when the timer goes off.

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