12 Points that Help Jess Reclaim her Passion—#9

Each month, author Jess Cleeves shares 12 of her most important points of advice on reclaiming passion.

Values are enacted through actions.

In order for me to track down how unwelcome values had supplanted my own values and commandeered my teaching practice, I had to learn a little more about how, exactly.

Excerpt from Planning to Stay:

The cruel truth is that it’s not accidental that our public school system works the way it does. While benign neglect would be a more comfortable answer, we’re in the business of wound-cleaning, and so we have an obligation to be straightforward and incisive in this claim; the United States of America’s public education system was originally built, and continues to function, more as a tool for oppression than liberation. Intentionally.

Shifting to prioritize your values over the systems doesn’t just happen by thinking about it, however. You need to plan for it.

Excerpt from Planning to Stay © 2022 Jess Cleeves.

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