Martina’s Writing Inspiration

Author and Certified Life Coach Martina Faulkner, LMSW, dives into some of her favorite quotes, writing tips, and sources of inspiration. Check back for more insight into her life, her process, and what drives her forward.

Other Inspiration

I find inspiration anywhere and everywhere, but what I’ve found to be true is that inspiration most often comes from what you already know.

This could be:

  • Your own stories
  • Your environment
  • Current events

Anything that is already in your sphere is much more likely to be sustainable as soon as the writing process begins.


Because it has more depth and breadth naturally attached to it.

Whereas something outside of your sphere will always require more effort, since it has to be researched and vetted (trust me, I’ve had to do this when ghostwriting others’ books).

Starting with and using what is already accessible to you will always bear more fruit and more ideas.

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