Kate’s 12 Moments of Inspiration—#7

We invited author and holistic mentor Kate Brenton to talk more about what has inspired her. Here she shares a series of 12 short stories that sparked her creativity. Look out for a new story every month!

Willingness to Heal

 I was recently working on a healing client through several sessions as we were addressing a long-held pattern that attended to both the emotional and the physical.

In between sessions, I had to share a writing post with my substack community. I was struck to go through my first blog where years ago I had written vignettes on healing and perspective.

I found one about the time I hurt my ankle and what it illuminated about the willingness to heal. When the client came for their next session, they referenced the blog and how it had given them a major insight and release to their own internal perception shift.

There were two powerful takeaways for me. First, your intuition can always lead you to unimagined places and outcomes, so listen. The second was a reminder that we can repurpose our content, and it is viable because when we are aligned there are a thousand ways to say the same thing, and we may need all those ways!

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