12 Points that Help Jess Reclaim her Passion—#8

Each month, author Jess Cleeves shares 12 of her most important points of advice on reclaiming passion.

Compared to teachers, people with desk jobs get thousands fewer opportunities to explore who they are, who they want to be, and how to behave in ways that get those two in better alignment.

A teaching practice is a perpetual invitation to extreme self-awareness.

Excerpt from Planning to Stay:

If your practice isn’t motivated by your values, particularly because you haven’t yet taken a second to figure out precisely what yours are, then it will be motivated by the default values of the system. …

Your opportunity is to do some exploration—what are your parts? How do they show up in your practice? What will you need to do in order to buckle them in the back seat, reclaim your driver’s seat as your Inner Adult, and insist on building yourself a practice which allows you to cultivate creativity, courage, curiosity, a sense of connection, compassion, clarity, calm, and confidence?

Excerpt from Planning to Stay © 2022 Jess Cleeves.

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