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Happy full moon and Mercury retrograde earth angels. The full moon is a potent time of illumination, celebration, and heightened intuition. For earth angels, the full moon can sometimes be overstimulating because of all the pain parts that get illuminated. It can also be incredibly draining because your intuitive channels are receiving an influx of too many energies at once. However, as a sensitive soul, the full moon also magnetizes your intuitive channels thereby increasing your ability to receive angelic pain relief.

Clairsentience means clear feeling and is the most common intuitive channel of receiving angel messages. Clairsentience is your ability to receive angel messages through your feelings, emotions, and physical body sensations. This can be a tricky intuitive channel because as an earth angel and an empath you feel so deeply. Sometimes your emotions and feelings can be so intense that it becomes difficult to discern between your feelings and emotions and what is direct angel guidance.

Personally, this full moon is illuminating all the stress and sadness I have experienced recently: From my mother’s passing, to finding my brother a new apartment, to managing my mom’s estate and Dylan’s needs, too. The stress has taken a toll on my gut as I process my mother’s death and become my brother’s caregiver. Sometimes I dismiss or just forget how the angels are speaking to me through my gut feelings. 

Every feeling and emotion you have is valid and worthy of your attention. Your emotions are simply “energy in motion” and one of the gifts of being human. The biggest shadow of clairsentience, therefore, is absorbing—and even processing—other people’s emotions as if they are your own. This habit will dampen your clairsentience channel and make it difficult to discern between the bodily messages your angels are sending you and your own or others’ feelings. Remember to observe, NOT absorb. 

Codependency, which is changing your mood and energy because of others, is another shadow of clairsentience. If you find yourself feeling overwhelmed by others’ energy and emotions, this is a sign to cut the cords of codependency and re-attune your clairsentience to your angels’ love. It’s important to remember that no one can make you feel any way. As my teacher Kyle Gray says, you are the keeper of your mind and body. Your thoughts are creating your feelings and you have the power to change, cultivate, and nurture positive angel thoughts.  

Another shadow of clairsentience can be stress, emotional abuse, trauma, or PTSD—this can make it especially difficult to trust this intuitive channel. Your angels know that your body is the divination tool as it instantly responds to fear or love. Your angels speak to you through your body and emotions and guide you to trust your gut. Honoring your own deep emotions in a healthy and empowering way will actually strengthen your angelic connection. 

To heal and empower your clairsentient channel you must be devoted to clearing cords of codependency, not absorbing others emotions, and processing your own emotions with compassion. During this full moon cycle—which is coupled with the start of mercury retrograde—make time to relax your body and mind and release pain and stress so you can receive your angels’ tender loving care. 

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All my love and full moon angel blessings, Jill

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