PTSD is NOT permanent

Happy full moon earth angels. August is the karmic healing month and this is a powerful week
with the Lions gate portal and the full moon cycle intersecting. The full moon illuminates the
karmic patterns that are ready to heal. An angel download I received is “what is revealed will be
healed.” As an earth angel the full moon magnetizes your intuitive channels creating a clear
pathway for angelic divine downloads.

The karma for me that’s being “revealed to heal” at this time is PTSD. Post traumatic stress
disorder is the stress you may feel from a previous trauma you experienced. My PTSD often
shows up as flashbacks to a difficult time that in the moment were very hard to process. My
PTSD can also show up as pain in my body or sudden body movements or twitches.

I write about several traumatic experiences that I’ve had throughout my life and the resulting
PTSD in my book, Receiving From Your Angels: Four Practices to Heal Your Pain with
Angel Love.
Part of my life’s mission is to help others heal PTSD with angel love.

What is karma exactly? Karma is not the law of retribution, an eye for an eye, or God’s
punishment. Karma is not even good or bad. In the simplest version karma is just a pattern. The
Angels teach that your karma is soul-chosen and that the more difficult the karma is to heal the
bigger the growth will be for you.

Karma is the law of cause and effect. Rather than seeing it as good or bad karma, the Angels
view it as either restrictive or expansive karma. The Angels have shown me that your karma is
the issue in the tissue or the wound that you’ve been experiencing. This wound could be from
this life or past lifetimes. Sometimes, as earth angels we come to heal generational or ancestral
karma and put that pattern to rest for good.

As an earth angel you came here to heal your karma. Your soul chose the perfect family,
people, situations, and experiences that would trigger these karmic patterns to surface. Your job
is to choose love over fear. Each time you choose love over fear you move forward on your
ascension path. Consciously healing your karma takes courage.

There are so many layers of stress and pain that I am working through as I witnessed my
mother’s difficult battle with bile duct cancer and her ultimate death. I could not have walked
through that traumatic year with as much presence as I had without my angels and the four
practices in my book lighting the way.

As painful, scary, and disruptive as PTSD can be, I assure you that PTSD is not permanent. Any
karma or trauma can be healed by receiving love from your angels. Your angels and the Divine
are more powerful than your karma! To heal PTSD you must have a commitment of consciously
relaxing and releasing the karma or pain and receiving healing love from your angels.

The end result of healing your karma by receiving love from your angels is to transform it into
your dharma which is your life‘s purpose.

If you are ready to identify, heal and transform your karma, hire me as your Angel Coach. Apply for a free breakthrough conversation with me by filling out the short questionnaire on my website In this free BTC I will share your customized Angelic pain relief plan.

All my love and full moon angel blessings, Jill

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