AHA’s Short Stories from Retreat—#2: Connection with Nature

Franny Harcey and Tim McConville share their collective wisdom as Awakening Healing Axis (AHA). In this series, they share short stories from their retreats, insights into their writing process, and tips on beginning to explore energy work.

Connection with Nature

At one retreat we facilitated in the black forest of Colorado, which is sacred Native American ground, we were in the midst of facilitating and speaking of self-love, inner beauty, and self-reliance.

As we spoke, one of the participants abruptly said with great excitement and awe, “look out the window!”

At that moment, we all stopped and looked, and with its nose to the window, there was a bobcat, standing in all its glory, looking in at us.

This was a great reminder that we are always connected to the web of collective consciousness; when we are in sync with nature and in Divine flow, we are part of the miracle of life. Incidentally, the symbology of bobcats is self-reliance, beauty, and affection. What a gift to witness the affirmation in a teaching moment. 

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