What is the New Moon?

The new moon, in simplest terms, is a time for manifesting. It appears as a blank canvas in the sky, which is why it carries the energy of creation. This is the opposite of the full moon, as that is a time for releasing. When something is full, we need to let go to make space. When something is empty, we need to daydream in order to create.

With each new moon, there is an invitation to feel the full flow of your imagination. To release any barriers you have to daydreaming—no matter how fantastical and extraordinary your dreams are. Nothing is too big, too grand, or too amazing for the new moon.

The new moon is a time to remember what it felt like to be a child as you created entire worlds from your mind.

It’s a time to hold space for your inner self to feel freedom away from the ‘shoulds’ and the ‘musts’ of life.

It’s a time for you to embrace everything you are and hope to be from a deep inner knowing that anything is possible.

The new moon is a time for you. It’s when you get to write a blank check to the Universe and revel in the bliss that comes from daydreaming. Those feelings are the ones that make manifesting possible, that bring the etheric into reality.

So, take some time today to daydream—to really daydream. Let your mind wander and roam through the cosmos, you just might surprise yourself with what comes.

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