12 Types of Photography with Charlotte DiNunzio—#1: Sports Photography

English professional photographer Charlotte DiNunzio has made photojournalism a career for over 20 years. This series of blogs encompasses some of her thoughts on different genres of photography. Read on to hear more from Charlotte herself, and stay tuned for more of her blogs in the upcoming months!

It’s a funny thing, being a photographer. Many people assume that if you can photograph one thing, then you can photograph another. I am a portrait photographer, which means I really specialise in photographing people and pets—anything with personality! But how many times a month do I get asked if I could photograph someone’s art? Or their building? Or a football game? There is so much more to it than simply pressing the shutter.

Sports Photographers — they find the most stunning images in a whirlwind of activity. They work hard to capture intense contact, but still show expression and limbs with clarity not confusion, as well as tell a story of the action.

For a year, I photographed sports for the University of Montana. Even after an entire season, I still would head in the wrong direction during a football game! I’m English, I still have no idea what is happening.

Not my genre!

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