AHA’s Short Stories from the Retreat—#1: Preparing the Retreat Location

Franny Harcey and Tim McConville share their collective wisdom as Awakening Healing Axis (AHA). In this series, they share short stories from their retreats, insights into their writing process, and tips on beginning to explore energy work.

Preparing the Retreat Location

Prior to each workshop or retreat, we energetically prepare the location we will be at, whether it is for a 1-day workshop or a 4–5-day immersion retreat.

This is an important aspect of our work to clear any energies of lower frequencies in a specific location so that all the high frequency work can take place more effortlessly.

When we occasionally encounter stuck energies, we enlist the help of Divine Beings and the highest frequency of light to assist in clearing and transmuting anything that isn’t of high resonance for the work we bring forward.

We then set a sacred template at the location and around it to support Awakening Healing Axis and all the retreat participants.

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