Self-Compassion Is Not For The Faint Of Heart

Happy new moon earth angels. New moons are a time of reset, renewal, and new beginnings. The darkness of the new moon invites you to release your hurt and pain and to plant the seeds of self-compassion. The practice of self-compassion is like pressing the reset button, opening the flow of your angels’ pain-relieving love.

In my debut book, Receiving From Your Angels: Four Practices to Heal Your Pain with Angel Love, available on Amazon, the angels talk about the power of self-compassion to release pain, so you can lead with your heart. One of my teachers, Lisa Espinosa says, self-compassion is nonnegotiable. This means that on the path of the earth angel, self-compassion is a sacred and an essential part of receiving angelic pain relief.

Whether I am frustrated with myself for making a mistake, flustered about a delayed work project, or bothered by that same stubborn shoulder pain, my go-to energy or fuel to shift me back to receiving my angels’ love is self-compassion. Your angels love you unconditionally and have unlimited compassion for your human journey. Your job is to pause throughout the day and let yourself receive your angels’ compassion for you.

Self-compassion doesn’t come naturally because we live in a world of fear. It’s common for earth angels to fear being judged as being self-centered, selfish, or even narcissistic for practicing self-compassion. Self-compassion is not indulging in self-pity, unhealthy behaviors, or playing the victim. As my teacher Lisa says, self-compassion is not for the weak as it requires no effort or creativity to judge yourself. Self-compassion is not for the faint of heart.

The practice of self-compassion takes great courage, humility, and vulnerability. Self-compassion is an active practice of fully seeing yourself—the light and the shadow—through the eyes of your guardian angels. As you see yourself through the eyes of your guardian angels you can release the patterns of hurt, frustration, and pain. When you love and embrace all of your parts, you invite others to do the same, which not only raises your personal vibration but also the vibration of the planet.

Self-compassion looks like being gentle with yourself when you’re in pain, loving the parts of yourself that you judge or try to hide, and pausing to breathe and re-devote when a part of you is triggered.

The practice of self-compassion opens your grateful heart and makes releasing your hurt and pain a more gentle process. Of course, you cannot release anything you are not ready to release. The sweet surrender of your pain or hurt creates space for your angels’ unending love and compassion to flow into your body and your heart. Receiving your angels’ pain-relieving love is like drinking an ice cold glass of water after running on a hot day.

When you feed yourself the sweetness of self-compassion, you become your most powerful self!

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All my love and new moon angel blessings, Jill

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