Your Body Loves Spiritual Relaxation

Happy full moon earth angels. Full moons are a time of culmination and celebration. The brightness of the full moon can also illuminate the shadowy places within you that need your angels’ love. As a sensitive soul, the full moons awaken your intuitive channels, making it easier to receive angelic pain relief.

The past weeks have given me many chances to “walk my talk”, and use the practices detailed in my book to receive my angels’ love and healing. As I shared in my last blog, my mom has bile duct cancer and has been quite ill. She has been experiencing fevers, intense pain, nausea, and extreme fatigue almost every day. Last week ended with a visit to the ER and a hospital admission. It was a deeply stressful week. 

One of the core teachings in my debut book, Receiving From Your Angels: Four Practices to Heal your Pain with Angel Love, is that relaxation is the gateway to angelic pain relief. Relaxation is a gift you give to your body and mind that supports natural pain relief. Relaxation is not spacing out, denying your feelings, or an escape. Relaxation is an arrival to your body and the present moment. 

Your body instantly responds to fear or love. Conscious relaxation allows your body to receive more love and healing from your angels. Each level of relaxation—physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual relaxation—increases your ability to receive angelic pain relief. Your body loves spiritual relaxation.

Of course the last thing I was thinking about when I was rushing my mom to the ER was relaxing. My parts were very nervous and worried that the cancer was escalating. Once we arrived at the hospital they triaged my mom quickly and assessed that she needed to stay. I was then informed that I was not allowed into the ER room, nor would I be allowed in the hospital room if she had to be admitted to the hospital. To say the least, I was pretty frustrated.

After the stress of getting her to the ER, I was then left to sit there and just wait to hear what the scans revealed. I knew this was a time to pause, re-devote, and relax. Once I settled down, my angels guided me to remember my fuel for the month, which is spiritual relaxation. Spiritual relaxation in one word is: surrender. Spiritual relaxation is making space for grace and trusting that you are exactly where you are meant to be. As difficult as it was to accept all that was unfolding, my angels and my body were guiding me to surrender my worry, frustration, and fear and to relax spiritually. 

Spiritual relaxation can be the most difficult level of relaxation to receive because you need to let go of control and be still. Your ego parts don’t want to relax, they want to fix, rescue, and take charge. Once I relaxed spiritually and remembered the angels have my back, I was able to slow down, pray for my mom, and focus on synchronicities that led to that moment. Spiritual relaxation made space for grace to enter and answers to be revealed. 

We had a few miracles from that hospital visit including a confirmation of my mom’s intuition that the pain was not an infection in her biliary drains as well as new scans which can help the oncologist make a better treatment plan moving forward. Spiritual relaxation opened the gateway to angelic pain relief, clarity, and grace. My mom is stable at home and is re-committing to natural cancer treatments. Thank you for your continued prayers and love.

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All my love and full moon angel blessings, Jill

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