Press Release: Where Did All the Rhinos Go?

1 October 2021


“Where Did All the Rhinos Go?” Teaches Children About The Environmental Impacts Of Poaching, Forging A Necessary Connection Between Humanity And Wildlife

CHICAGO (October 1 2021)—Today, Inspirebytes Omni Media announces the release of the children’s book Where Did All the Rhinos Go? Created by UK-based author and conservation biologist Lara Jackson and Vancouver-based illustrator Kelly Ulrich, this book follows an orphaned rhinoceros as he searches for the rest of his kind after losing his mother to poachers. Along the way, the rhino meets new friends—from hyenas to elephants to humans—as he learns about the impact people have had on the environment. Grounded in Lara Jackson’s own research, Where Did All the Rhinos Go? teaches her young audience that it’s never too late to take the first step to help save our planet. 

“I want children to feel a connection to nature and to wildlife… By getting people to forge a connection with the natural world, they will be more inclined to fight for it, and I think we need to plant the seed early,” says Lara Jackson. “Most importantly, I want it to impact the parents, who are in a position of power to make changes… The ultimate goal is to get people to care. Without people caring, without them feeling upset by what’s happening to our wild spaces and our wildlife, we cannot create change, we cannot change the way the story ends.”

Kelly Ulrich adds, “The message I would like this book to have is one of hope. A positive look to the future as we make an effort to be mindful of all life around us, no matter where we live. This way, we see brighter days ahead for the rhino, for animals, and for humankind. We are all family.”

Written in rhyming verse and accompanied by hand-drawn illustrations, Where Did All the Rhinos Go? is recommended for children ages 7+ and is available now on Amazon with worldwide distribution for $14.95 USD, with ten percent (10%) of all proceeds from the sale of this book donated to charity in support of conservation efforts around the world.

About Inspirebytes Omni Media:

Inspirebytes Omni Media (IOM) is a women-owned and -operated publishing and multimedia company dedicated to effecting positive change by producing books and other products that are inspirational, educational, and entertaining. Through our core principles—service, authenticity, integrity, and fun—we collaboratively develop, promote, and leverage good work in the world. For more information, visit

About Lara Jackson

Lara is a conservation biologist and wildlife photographer whose research has taken her all over the world. Lara is extremely passionate about preserving our world and is determined to ensure that there is a future for as many species as possible. Lara uses her camera as a voice for the voiceless and tells the stories of those who work tirelessly to conserve some of the most endangered species on the planet. You can join her journey on Instagram: @lara_wildlife. 

About Kelly Ulrich

Kelly Ulrich is a children’s book illustrator and author from the west coast of British Columbia, Canada. For the last 15 years, she has been involved with teaching art to students of all ages on Vancouver Island and in the Vancouver area. In addition to illustrating children’s books, Kelly created the successful comic strip series on Instagram called “Nala, Dean & Vinny.” She paints in acrylic, watercolor, and oil. For more information, or to purchase individual works, visit her on Instagram: @kellyulrichartist.

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