Press Release: Awakening to Higher Frequencies

23 October 2021


“Awakening to Higher Frequencies” Teaches Readers Essential Energy Work Techniques Previously Only Available At In-Person Retreats And Workshops

CHICAGO (October 23, 2021)—Today, Inspirebytes Omni Media announces the release of Awakening Healing Axis’s new book, Awakening to Higher Frequencies. Written by Awakening Healing Axis co-founders Tim McConville and Franny Harcey, Awakening to Higher Frequencies offers readers a roadmap to raising their frequencies and accessing positive, healing emotions such as joy, hope, awe, and love. Drawing on their experience hosting retreats as long-time energy workers and instructors, Awakening Healing Axis gives readers the tools they need to achieve greater happiness and more cohesive, fulfilling interpersonal relationships, uplifting both themselves and those around them. 

“It is our intention to meet people where they are on their personal journey. In bringing forward Awakening to Higher Frequencies, we give tools to support individuals in awakening more and more to their true nature and elevated consciousness,” Franny Harcey says. “We hope that in embracing the guided works, each one of us awakens more to our Divinity, first for self, then for the collective of humanity.”

Tim McConville says, “Ultimately, this book is about helping to guide humanity to a higher level of consciousness. We start with ourselves and work to raise our frequencies, which then helps raise all frequencies, moving us forward in our collective evolution.”

Awakening to Higher Frequencies is available now on Amazon with worldwide distribution for $17.95 USD.

About Inspirebytes Omni Media:

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About Tim McConville and Franny Harcey

After working together for several years, Tim McConville and Franny Harcey were divinely guided to share their collective wisdom, and Awakening Healing Axis was born. Through the synergy of their collaboration, Tim and Franny have created work that focuses on raising their frequencies—and, collectively, those they share with—in order to contribute to the ascension of human consciousness. This unique approach incorporates new healing techniques, increasing our understanding of the science supporting energy therapies while linking to the development of new insights among esoteric healing, human physiology, and energy therapy through the multi-dimensional bio fields.

To download the Press Release, click here.

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