Invite and Intend to Receive Angelic Pain Relief

New Moon Blogby Jill Kempner

Happy new moon earth angels. New moons are a potent time to release past pain and plant the seeds of new beginnings of peace and self compassion. As a sensitive soul, your intuition will be heightened during the moon cycles increasing your angelic intuitive downloads. Your angels know exactly what you need to heal your pain.

In my forthcoming book, Receiving from Your Angels, the angels consistently remind you that you are loved beyond measure. It’s not like sometimes they are sending you love and sometimes they aren’t. Your angels are always sending you love, and it is just your pain or issues in the tissues that slow the flow of their love.

The first step to receiving angelic pain relief is to have a clear intention to receive their love. Your intention—or your fuel—is how you want to feel as you move through your day. Spiritual law states that energy follows intention. When you set a clear intention to receive the peaceful, loving and compassionate energy of your angels, you open your awareness to the love that is already present. 

The next step to receiving angelic pain relief is to invite your angels’ help, love, and support. The law of free will states that you must ask and invite your angels’ help for each pain or issue. Free will is a gift from the creator ensuring your steady soul growth, not a way to make you suffer. The asking is the opening. 

Ask and you shall receive. Asking your angels for help with healing your pain opens your heart and mind to their love, creating a smooth connection. 

Your energy body and your parts are “invisible” to the naked human eye. During the moon cycles, your increased intuitive abilities open your clairvoyance allowing easy access to your energy body and your parts that are in pain. 

Of course, as humans, it’s easy to forget to ask for help or even to think that your issue is the one thing the angels can’t help with. This is where your devotion to your fuel becomes an essential ingredient in the angelic pain relief formula.

Your fuel is how you want to feel as you move through the day. Your fuel is like an antenna that attracts the frequency of your intention. The new moon is a great time to clarify and re-devote to your fuel. 

You don’t have to feel happy and positive 100% of the time to receive your angels’ love. Being an earth angel isn’t about perfection, it’s about presence. Your angels encourage you to be your authentic self and honor all your feelings. Devoting to your fuel or intention just means you are willing to receive angelic pain relief.

Once you commit to receiving your fuel, it’s actually totally normal and even a good sign when you experience the opposite—or shadow—of your fuel. When the shadow of your fuel emerges, your angels encourage you to stay the course and simply pause and re-devote to receiving their love. 

Re-devoting to your fuel is easy. Take a cleansing breath in and out. Place your hands on your heart and say, “I am devoted to receiving love from my angels.” Everytime you pause and redevote you strengthen your ability to receive angelic pain relief.

If you are ready to release pain with angel love, hire me as your angel coach. You can schedule a free one hour breakthrough conversation with me by answering the questionnaire on the start here tab of my website. In this free BTC I will help you get clear about the source of your pain and share your customized angelic pain relief plan. 

All my love and new moon angel blessings, Jill 

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